All funds, personal property or personal time that contributed to the purchase of these items are non-refundable user fees. In the event that the player leaves the team or is dismissed from the team for any reason, all equipment and uniforms must be returned. If the equipment or uniform is still required by the team, and in an acceptable condition, an appropriate refund will be paid to the parent. This refund is based on the parent`s contributions to the purchase of the item as well as the status and ease of use of the item at the time of return. I agree that there is no guarantee as to the player`s position or playing time and that these decisions are left to the discretion of the coach. I agree that the items listed below as „team ownership“ are the exclusive property of the Fastpitch Softball team. All goods purchased in this manner after the date of this contract to be used by teams or players are also considered „team ownership“ and the same provisions apply. If you have placed your team to the next level and started playing in Fastpitch tournaments, you must have a separate softball player contract in addition to the contract they signed with your Softball League. After making the jump to the tournament, chances are you`ve upgraded the uniforms, added a second uniform, purchased matching helmets, and started investing in training aids or premium softball equipment. Player: I, as you know or do not know, it can be VERY EXPENSIVE, if not impossible, to replace a single uniform. The best way to deal with this situation is with your own softball team player contract.

Describe in the contract that the uniform is the property of the team, but that there are „user fees.“