Bankruptcy. Each contracting party may terminate or suspend the performance of all or part of this service agreement if the other party: A) enters into an agreement with creditors because it is unable to settle its debts in a timely manner; (B) in bankruptcy or liquidation, whether mandatory or voluntary; (C) becomes insolvent; or (D) the appointment of a beneficiary of all or most of its assets. Should such a termination take place, AirLINE will not be exempt from the obligation to pay for services provided under this directive. Emirates operates the world`s largest fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft with 118 flying on six continents. The airline continues to build on a successful partnership with GE in technology exchange and innovation in engine maintenance and related services and makes a vital contribution to the aviation industry. CFM may, at its sole discretion, replace an engine with a new or used engine for programming or commercial reasons. Such a replacement module must be in a configuration similar to or greater than that of the remote engine. Emirates has extended its TrueChoiceTM Flight Hour agreement with GE (NYSE: GE) for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of 54 GE90-115B engines that power its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The renewed contract is valued at more than $400 million over the life of the contract. The machining work, the delivery of the airline`s engines.

At the end or expiry of this service agreement, CFM will carefully complete all work in progress and will re-provide all associated engines, parts and documents, provided that AIRLINE (a) has fully paid all costs for all these services and equipment as well as all costs, fees and penalties incurred by CFM to provide support. , including all rental engines, and (b) returned all leasing engines provided under the service contract. Over the duration of this service agreement, AIRLINE acknowledges that CFM`s commitments under this agreement have taken on all of the guarantees or other commercial obligations that CFM has entered into another agreement with AIRLINE, including, but not only, the airline`s terms and conditions („GTA“). At the end of this service agreement, these guarantees or commercial obligations are restored to AIRLINE with the remaining life. AirLINE and CFM may agree to amend Schedule B to include engines in the service agreement after the effective date. For each machine added, AIRLINE provides information, including, but without restriction, the engine serial number, the aircraft tail number, the previous operator, the current owner, operating time and flight cycles from the news and, if applicable, service time and flight cycles from the last store visit, in-store visit reports , historical thrust and derat information and applicable thrust assessment. CFM will assess the price impact per flight hour taking into account the impact on fleet size, engine age and condition and other business considerations and may adjust prices per flight hour accordingly.