To date, 47 people have agreed to plead guilty or plead guilty to pleading guilty under the U.S. House of Attorneyn`s criminal justice program for bid-handling and fraud during public seizures in Northern California. In addition, the auction manicure can be done without any payment, but with an agreement to „turn“ the auction – I win this round, you win the next round. (This is the usual method). Here, almost all members of the conspiracy sometimes offer, while agreeing to renounce others. As a result, the agreements may have consisted of reciprocal commitments not to be added to monetary payments. See below. 307-8 at 5 a.m. („Fung heard that Giraudo informed others that Giraudo would allow them to buy real estate if they agreed not to buy other real estate for a certain period of time.“) Dkt. 307-8 to 6 („[B]idders auction was alternately purchased from real estate to keep the price low.“ (added to highlight) Dkt. 307-11 to 3-4 („Giraudo told Lipton that, because he (Giraudo) Lipton had the Thomas Street property purchased, Lipton should not offer against Giraudo for a property that Giraudo wanted to buy.“).

Evidence that payments were often deducted from other payments suggests that they served, at least in part, as an accounting method to track the number of times bidders agreed not to offer, rather than compensate for this agreement. See below. 307-9 to 8-9. Cullinane also argues that the expansion of the volume of trade is only intended to „address agreements between service or product providers in order to obtain a higher price from consumers for these services and products.“ Cullinane Sentencing Mem. four. The improvement is not designed for cases like this, where the agreements „have been used to reduce the profits of banks and lenders to their closed mortgages.“ Id. Other evidence indicates that the value of the non-compete agreement overshadows the amount of payments. For example, there is evidence that withdrawals were much higher if the bidders involved were not repetitive players. A co-conspirator who pleaded guilty to a related case, Laith Salma, explained that during his first meeting with the Big Five, probably before his members knew whether Salma was going to be a repeat player or not, Cullinane asked for $150,000 in exchange for his willingness not to make an offer on a field.

307-19 to 4-5. The longevity of the system and the perseverance with which Giraudo and other members of the Big Five pursued it despite a clear awareness of the legal risks also beagainst the assertion that it is not lucrative. See below. 307-9 to 5 (Grinsell said he was „beaten to death“ in the late 1990s, when he heard a rumor that investigators were focusing on seizures.) Mr. Dkt.