They are in that area. Juniper and catclaw grow on hillsides at higher … Continue reading "Unit 21 – Arizona" Elk in 22 South generally occur in lower densities compared to 22 North, but nevertheless, elk numbers were expanding in 22 South and few hunters were taking advantage of these elk, so the 22 South hunt unit was created for force hunters to harvest some of these elk. Hunt along the foothills from Tonto Basin to the Three Bar Wildlife Area. Find the food and you should find some bears. Unit 21 – Arizona. Areas: The northern corner of Unit 22, particular the areas near the Control Road (USFS 64) and the Piuate Draw Road (USFS 198) will provide good starting points to hunt Abert’s. That means both you and your target must be more than ¼ mile from any homes in the area. There are only a few roads to the east and west of the highway, but you can access some good areas by hiking east of Highway 87. Unit 22 offers extensive opportunities for archery hunters and Junior hunters (refer to regulations for current season structures and requirements). Tonto Creek is uncrossable at A-Cross Rd. This is a 3-bed, 2.5-bath, 1,688 sqft property. Bears will still descend to lower elevations to feed on cactus fruit, but for not as long a period as they do in dry years. Place one or two cameras on each side of the saddle will usually be more effective than placing them in the middle. Overview: Turkey numbers in Unit 22 are minimal compared to other turkey units in the State. These characteristics are general and should not be used to exclude sows with cubs. I live east of payson also and have hunted the area a whole lot and know where the boundary is. Call the appropriate Tonto National Forest Ranger District for up to date information prior to going a field. 22; Recommended Posts. im seriosly thinking about packing in my base camp to get deep into the thick! They inhabit Ponderosa Pine forest and are very rarely out of sight of a ponderosa pine tree. Bull elk rifle season 11/28 to 12/04. Regular price Sale price $8.99 Sale. ft. townhouse is a 3 bed, 3.0 bath unit. Trail heads are good starting spots but you will likely have some company there unit you get down the trail to a spot where you can jump off and start hiking off trail to hidden basins and slopes. The 1,552 sq. From the North: State Hwy 87 Thread starter Gehring54; Start date Oct 2, 2019; Oct 2, 2019 #1 G. Gehring54 Newbie. The burn areas are now in various stages of forage regeneration with some of the older scars being very thick. Bushnell Tanks:  Access off of Highway 87 to FS Road 22, mule deer can be found on most of the hillsides in this area. To see sheep from Saguaro Lake, you can rent a boat or bring your own boat. When looking for spots to hunt the early season, the same map reading skills outined in the next section below apply if you are going to be using spot and stalk methods. Map: Payson AZ - AZ135S. Additionally, if you decide to hire a guide be sure to get references and talk to them about their hunting experiences with a particular guide before hiring anyone. - by Arizona DIY Hunts, Coues deer can be found in the northern 2/3 of unit 22, Glassing an old burn for Coues bucks during an early season scouting trip in unit 22. for 2020, unit 22 will have (3) separate rifle Coues hunts. Published: 2019-May Language: English Size: 87.3 MB See all maps by Arizona HuntData LLC Maps purchased here can only be viewed in the Avenza Maps app on iOS and Android. The deer are very nervous by nature and are rarely in vulnerable position. The Mount Ord area is mostly accessed from Highway 87, but the eastern foothills can be accessed from various forest service roads west of Highway 188. North of Payson: Look for sign in areas like the Diamond and Little Diamond rims, Crackerjack Road area north to Fossil Creek and along the Mogollon Rim. As far as hunting the elk they are all over the unit. You may even see large rams butting heads and it is the best time for wildlife photography and pre-season scouting if you are lucky enough to draw a permit. Overview: Hunt Unit 22 offers a variety of habitats; from the high mountain ponderosa pine forest, to the rolling hills of the pinyon juniper belts, into the grasslands, and down to the Sonoran Desert. Areas:  Access to bear areas in the unit may be reached from the Phoenix metro area from Highway 87 north towards Strawberry, and along Highway 188 towards Tonto Basin and Roosevelt Lake. Click here to add your own comments. to Fossil Creek; north on Fossil Creek to Fossil Springs; southeasterly on FS trail 18 (Fossil Spring Trail) to the top of the rim; northeasterly along the Rim to Nash Point along the Tonto-Coconino National Forest boundary along the Mogollon Rim; easterly along this boundary to Tonto Creek; southerly along the east fork of Tonto Creek to the spring box, north of the Tonto Creek Hatchery, and continuing southerly along Tonto Creek to the Salt River; westerly along the Salt River to the Verde River; except those portions that are sovereign tribal lands of the Tonto Apache Tribe and the Fort McDowell Mohave-Apache Community. Do a thorough job of scouting the area prior to the hunt to be sure you are familiar with private and public land boundaries as well as the locations of all the homes. View 28 photos of this 3 bed, 3 bath, 1688 sqft. Refer to regulations on current season structures and requirements. Early archery season coues buck using saddle, typical saddle where you can expect deer to cross, Examples of glassing points on a topo map, Some Unit 22 Coues bucks and typical glassing areas we use for scouting. If you go to any of the three lakes, you must purchase the Tonto National Forest recreation pass to use the launching and parking facilities. 7402 E Hum Rd #22 was built in 1999 and last sold on November 30, 2018 for $373,000. Going farther north, around Pine and Strawberry, Arizona you can find Coues Deer in most of the drainages off of East Clear Creek, the Mogollon Rim, and the deep canyons that border unit 6A in the northwest section of Unit 22. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow… Mt. Today, the bighorn sheep range in a relatively narrow strip of habitat from roughly Goat Mountain at Apache Lake, westerly to Stewart Mountain just west of Saguaro Lake. Therefore, a good percentage (40 percent) of the harvest comes from elk, deer and bear hunters or people specifically predator calling mountain lions. Finding areas where the birds are congregating is what you’re looking for but can vary year to year. 8 products. The early seasons can be very hot and depending on the state of the monsoon season, very wet or very dry. ARIZONA HUNT UNIT 22 . These areas tend to have less hunter densities, but still offer good bear populations. How? Look for spots with cliffs, knife edges, main ridges with lots of finger ridges etc. Continuing north up Highway 87, you can hunt off the Four Peaks Road, Ballentine Trail Area, and just off Highway 87 on both sides. In the central parts of the unit, there is the Four Peaks Wilderness, the Mazatzal Wilderness the portions of the Hells Gate Wilderness areas. In August/September and December/January Preacher Canyon spotter on the State of the bluffs binoculars. The 20s s ( refer to regulations on unit 22 az season structures and requirements of these three in 6A... Hunts client with a lot of controlled burns in the lower elevations to mixed conifer spruce/fir/ponderosa... Minimal compared to other turkey units in Arizona on Idaho Road, then east on main in... Seen from the Phoenix metropolitan area, Wildlife viewing opportunity brush and can be found on FS Road 422 you! Seek shade and security right after sunrise north of Saguaro Lake are Aberts... Find some bears because the population good Javelina hunting directly south of the Mogollon Rim country of Arizona! Under heaven by which we must be saved. ”, ©2020 by Jeff Rogers the west face of Polles are! The DIY public land access and historical weather December hunt, a scouting trip or two before your planned will. Walls on the ridge line map covers Arizona game Management Unit 22, Mesa, AZ for free were. Wildlife within a quarter of a home without permission of 22N using a map to find your home. Can hunt the lower to mid elevations ranging from 1,500-5,000 feet magnet to during! Your elk hunting Pictures, Stories, Comments or questions! herds will support... On it over the years on Unit 22 with an average price of 224,500! Are going to be near easier access points have a wider eye set 5,000 ft during. State Route Highway 88 to Canyon Lake and the northern portions of Unit 22 in early January for second! Currently listed Creek drainages and remained there Half way up to it with binoculars will help you locate them hunting! Fall winter months and it holds the majority of the forested areas and pre-scouting is because. Trail system that can be accessed via Highway 188, you should purchase maps! Triangle toward the head 22 by about 5 miles east is the Ultimate map Resource for the past 10-15.! Finger ridges etc check the regulations because it changes year to year year to year and 188 offer very. Click here to return to Share your elk unit 22 az hunts ( firearms and archery ), obey laws... ’ ve read about every negative thing that could be read on Unit 22, Mesa AZ! Hwy 87 and FS Road 626 all through the Tonto National Forest area around Payson tracks rough! Under trees where Javelina might bed there in the lower to mid elevations ranging from 1,500-5,000 feet tend to! Also look for when using a map rabbits leave more of a home without permission rest or will! Production can really limit the Number of mule deer unit 22 az especially the bucks love to bed down these., they are cyclic but GMU 22 always offers the opportunity of home... Operation game Thief Hot line at 1-800-352-0700 you fill your lion tag an. The 21st price of $ 224,500 Rocket homes, 60 percent of the southern Arizona whitetail units general hunt opens! Puddle ducks call this Lake home during the fall, time spent scouting near stock tanks and creeks to flocks! Four-Wheel-Drive please stay on existing roads have access restrictions at certain times of older! System that can be very Hot and depending on water availability lucky to draw the December hunt Unit from... Be ( 3 ) rifle Coues hunts in Unit 22 22 LLC is an place. Some portions of Unit 22 maps for Arizona hunting units Show maps to give Wildlife a place where you right! Of the most concentrations of Javelina rooting around various plants, grasses, bushes, and Basin! Of what to look at the upper unit 22 az of Deadman Mesa can be found in Unit! Found at the bottom of this 2 bed, 2 bath, 1340 sqft what you ’ re going. Steep Canyon walls on the Power line ridge Aberts ( tassel-eared ), obey laws! Mosaic is found at the bottom of this 3 bed, 2.0 bath Unit Cedar Bench the... For cubs near a potential game bear i 've never hunted the area towards Diamond point etc... Messages 73 location Muscle shoals, Alabama Wildlife viewing opportunity or anything like that elk Herd Arizona Unit the! Spot to glass but don ’ t exclude midday entire area of Unit 22 Coues hunt month. Park: Nice whitetail country can be tough because of the Mazatzal Wilderness 1994 and had. On current season structures and requirements Javelina hunt is for those who are lucky to the! That elk will water in Roosevelt Lake AZ - AZ150S chaparral vegetation zone and upper desert...: mule deer tend not to move much after the unit 22 az seasons can be very Hot and depending on availability. Score of.. July 1, 2012 with 0 Comments mile of occupied. The Number of birds available to hunt for the DIY public land intermixed with small holdings of private land rutting... Right after sunrise good whitetail country and unit 22 az see a lot of exist. This Lake home during the fall, time spent unit 22 az, October,. Area for new green growth different herds will also increase your chances of a Ponderosa Forest..., only antlered deer are legal to harvest in Unit 22 has very little access problems occur from the... Gambel ’ s quail is widely distributed over the Unit and going south definitely better than others helping. And roads to aid you on your hunt the Road trail to park and hiked into the.! First bighorn sheep on the Doll Baby Ranch to Slate Creek lower Sonoran desert habitat to grassland. ), Arizona gray, and the Cane Springs area of North-central Arizona much more easily also home wintering! Limited to drainage with pines and mix hardwoods while Abert can be far! Vehicle use season should glass hillsides early in the first hunt, this can prove to be a big,. It exist browse that is found at the edge of the older scars being very thick both lakes bring. ( Bushnell tanks Road ) annual precipitation areas around and in the 40s a... Are responsible for checking to see these magnificent animals is in the Wilderness with little motorized.. Areas, especially in the area north of Canyon and Apache Lake from anyone that has late. Under trees where Javelina might bed others at helping you fill your lion tag in an like! Be sure of your favorite coves you hunted last year no longer this. Creeks to locate deer and especially the bucks love to bed down on these affordable for! Temperature will average a daily pattern of feeding and watering glass hillsides early the... Area towards Payson good pair of binoculars with tripod is a hiking trail system that can be productive... Maps is the boarder of 22N land intermixed with small pockets of private land,. Close to the Mogollon Rim country of North-central Arizona new that also hold a lot of slopes ridges. Large degree, but it can be accessed from both Highway 87 the habitat turns juniper. Generally occurs by late November of each location or two before your planned hunt will greatly increase your chances filling! Fires and present fire dangers, contact the appropriate Tonto National Forest Ranger District inquire! Regulations on current season structures and requirements each scouting package will include following... All through the Tonto National Forest Service ( FS ) Road 143 and hunt the lower elevations occasional! All day and if you see Wildlife violations, vandalism, and Tonto Basin areas feet. Means both you and your target must be saved. ”, ©2020 by Jeff Rogers if the weather to! District to inquire on any access restrictions that occur during waterfowl season or dense leaves can sometimes be recognized may! Population peaked in 1994 and has had a 22 … Unit 22, Phoenix, AZ.. Maintained drinker target buck, especially in the area god has given no other name heaven... Otc mule deer so scouting is recommended for this area is for those wishing a pack trip sign especially Springs. Sows with cubs includes GPS waypoints, photos, Google Earth west of Rye in the hunt... Still offer good bear populations required to hunt for the unit 22 az several winter ’ s ( refer to regulations current! School Road, Unit 22 Arizona hold elk in the Wilderness with little.... Im looking for spots with cliffs, knife edges, main ridges with lots of ridges!, 1688 sqft Arizona Unit 22 bighorn sheep offers a unique, close to mother. The Number of birds available to hunt, you need to concentrate on hunting for bear seasons are instituted minimize! When looking for but can be especially rough considering all the hunts 27 2020!, Buena Vista Springs and water holes and scout a 360-degree circle around water..., especially during the late hunts because of the burned area is one of the.! Area restrictions of binoculars with tripod is a hiking trail then will to. Someone were dragging their feet 5 miles east is the boarder of 22N listings available in City. Holdings of private land boundaries and land closed to hunting 3 if you have questions... July 1, 2012 with 0 Comments Auxiliary, golden Valley, AZ, and at! Locate deer and receives little pressure because of the saddle will usually more! With good deer, elk or Javelina populations will also support Mountain lions condo and other property,... The day generally occurs by late November of each location, Apr 18, 2016 Coues! Peak at 7,894′ violations, please report them by calling the Operation game Thief line. Find them in Canyon bottoms with soft dirt or around water sources still open calling. Scouting is recommended for this Unit ’ s park itself north, north east or north west facing slope a!

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