Cindy, Iowa April 2013 Only one had pasty butt (one of the EE chicks) and I thought she would die but she pulled through (she grew up to lay med sized green eggs for me). 9 BANTAM HATCHING EGGS Easter Egger & Cochin * 2 breed Variety ADORABLE PETS! Our chickens arrived at the post office this morning and are settled in their new home. Truly precious! Seeing as that all three of mine came from different places and they’re all amazing, I think that they’re probably the best kept secret for backyard chicken keepers. We sat down as a family, and the seven of us narrowed it down to four breeds for a new batch of chickens. Thank you for my order of chickens on the above po#. I know all chickens are … Order now for estimated delivery by February 6, 2021. They are docile and right now I am getting 18-20 eggs per day from 24 hens. Jerry, Arizona March 2012 One has a scissor beak (manageable with proper beak care and feeding techniques), but all three are absolutely beautiful and have the absolute best personalities. I knew when the chicks arrived and was able to be at the PO when it opened. To my surprise, every baby was alive and doing better than any babies I’ve ever purchased before. I opened the box and FELL in LOVE! I just wanted to let you know for your records that the shipment was received on 05/03/11 and all the chicks were healthy and as of 05/09 all are doing fantastically! $15.50. They are gentle and allow me to doctor them with no fuss or pecking. We received our chicks two days later delivered to our door, after they got kicked out of the post office for being too loud. – August 25, 2015. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank ALL ya’ll at the hatchery for my beautiful new babies. That is a super mortality rate if you ask me and I sure do appreciate the LIVELY and HEALTHY chicks we got from you. i’ve been looking for a reg. We received our package of chicks this morning at 7:30 am. I ORDERED 15 Easter Egger Pullets in august, all arrived alive. !They are free range. I ordered 15 Easter Eggers and received 18. We will definitely purchase here again! I must go now and check on the babies…better than color TV!!! Huge variance in personally. Our order shipped 05/11/11 arrived with all chicks in health condition. Cackle Hatchery® breeding program objectives for the “Easter Egger™” chickens are to produce chickens with a wide variety of feather colors, patterns and feather combinations of colors with a full beard under the beak and high egg production of colorful egg shells. All 18 are happy and healthy today. No chickens lay colored eggs that are a true purple. Just got my Easter Egger chicks yesterday and everyone is doing great! They aren’t as friendly as I’d like compared to my Welsummers, Buff Orps and Olive Egger. You sent 22 – which was a pleasant surprise – and all 22 of them arrived healthier than expected. Not only are they beautiful, they are sweet natured and are consistent egg layers. Just wanted you to see your beautiful chics and turkeys that arrived ALL ALIVE and well. Hilltop Farms , Corona, 92883, CA, United States. My family loves them all! Each and every one arrived safely and healthy and perfectly beautiful! I couldn’t be happier with Cackle’s delivery confirmation system. We also appreciate the information you send concerning the first few weeks of caring for our chicks. but I think Cackle is better and I have placed an order with them for 6 more birds this spring: 3 Easter Eggers & 3 olive eggers. Just want to say thank you for my chicks. I would like to mention we ordered 10 roos that were all marked on their heads with paint which was amazing. All arrived safely and although they’re only about two weeks old right now, they don’t appear to have any sign of illness or deformities. They arrived in great condition and are wonderful. ... 12 Bantam Cochin Hatching Eggs Lavender BBS. We hardly had any pasty butt issues. Will order again next year. Kimberly, Connecticut June 2012 Sent where 17 chicks, with two ended up being cockerels, both grew up to be super nice boys. The hatchery sent me an extra two chicks.. unfortunately the extra two didn’t make it But this meant I still received the 12 I paid for. They are all healthy and alive and are full of life and vigor. – November 11, 2015. Thank you for your great service. 4 black and 4 white/cream/pastel colored EE chicks. Will always have my business. I love the gentle disposition of these birds, even the roosters are nice ! – December 2, 2015. Robert Maine May 2011 Not bad for our first time. It was a great experience with Cackle Hatchery from start to finish, and I’m so pleased since this was my very first experience purchasing chicks. – December 18, 2015. They are just amazingly colored and very alert and active. All lay blue/green eggs, all were female as requested, great color feather color, and they are super friendly. Participant Received my order yesterday. $3.90. I can say that I will not order from anyone but you. Thanks Again, Joy Maine June 2011 I wanted to credit everyone from the person in the call center who took the order to the shipping department who sent them out with tracking number. 2 of my 3 sexed female EE’s ended up being roosters. I have heard bad story’s that people have ordered easter Eggers fom hatcheries and they received all the same color, so on that note I was a little nervous . I don’t think our local hatchery is bad (maybe we just got a bad batch?) I ordered 10 Easter Eggers and 8 assorted others. They are so healthy looking too fluffy/chubby little chicks. We got 2 white and buff ones, a gray/blue one, a white one with a few black speckles, 2 brown/wheaten-ish/typical easter egger looking ones, and a dark brown one. Very cute. – November 16, 2015. 70 sold. They are delightful with no problems. Eighteen healthy chicks arrived, though one died a month later from malnutrition from a beak deformity. They have a wonderful disposition and are a favorite of my kids to play with. Of the 5 still alive, one lays an extra large blue egg! The ones I ordered from you last summer are some of the most beautiful chickens I have ever seen. They arrived earlier than I expected and with in an hour chirping and bouncing all over. We added your Rhode Island Reds Ameraucanas(EE) and New Hampshire Reds to our egg laying flock. We do not offer a specific color variety of this breed; however we do breed for a wide variety of colored feathers and egg colors. Not sure if it was a coincidence or if they have a harder time escaping predators, but we sure do love them! I am thank you very much for spending time monday night get the bird on the truck even though the storm that rolled thru you town I am impressed with how health the chick when they arrived thank you very much. Got a few Extra! Lavender Easter Egger Cockerels (Roxboro) $15. As always, they all were alive. Appreciate the good service. I had looked at many chicks locally and was not impressed by the care they were given or the general quality of the birds. Our babies arrived safe and sound, and are adorable. I hope they are all hens… Thank you very much. I did lose one of the barred rocks around the third or fourth day. – November 4, 2015, This is our fourth year of ordering chicks and yours are the most beautiful we have had. – November 30, 2015. My husband who used to hate chickens after childhood spent processing and cleaning chickens for his uncle’s store, now goes out and talks and visit with “the girls” every morning. One is an absolute drama queen, 2 of them are sweethearts, and another one is feisty but sweet. Thank You . Vicki Oregon June 2010 Our turkeys and chickens arrived today at the post office. My brother ordered 4 day old Easter Egger chicks from Cackle Hatchery last spring but was sent 5, four hens and one “bonus” rooster. No signs of crossbeak. I’m just wanting to express my thanks to you for the five different breeds of chicks that I got from your hatchery Feb 12th. . – November 18, 2015. With all of that being said they are still a hatchery and the birds aren’t going to be the cream of the crop to say but they are damn close! I will be highly recommending you to anyone who wants a dependable source for poultry. – November 27, 2015. I’m so excited to see what the EEs will look like and what color eggs they’ll have when they’re older. They are all healthy and doing great! – November 9, 2015. Just got my EE got to say cackle was the tops with all my questions prior to deciding what breed I wanted. they are extremely resilient; they are growing FAST & are VERY strong!!! This is my first time with these breeds look forward to watching them grow. My kids are happy, my wife is happy, and I am very happy. Our little momma hen is happily clucking over her new brood and the entire family seems very happy. (of course, the brown one & the white one are, stunning, as well.) Thank you so very much. I’m hoping these gals will last me several years, but I would definitely order from Cackle again. Alexis Texas March 2015 If every online purchase was this satisfying I might never go to another brick and mortar store again. – November 4, 2015. I just wanted to say thank you! We wish other American companies would display the commitment and pride in quality & customer satisfaction that the people at Cackle Hatchery display! The true pure Ameraucana chicken has a tail, full beard and comes in pure color types. The true pure Araucana chicken is rumpless (tailless) , has a small curling tuft of feathers next to each ear and come in different pure color types. Thank you so much for the wonderful chicks. They like getting up high and seem to run everywhere they go! Description. Each one of them looks different; one of them is pure white, the other is a beautiful dark blue, one of them a blue/orange mix, and the other a blue/silver/white mix. They are some of the most healty and intelligent chicks in the world! I hope to save up enough money to get some black Americanas! The chicks are all healthy and strong. They are now about 5 months old, and we can’t wait to see the colored eggs they will lay! After raising them to about 3 months, he decided city chickens were too much work and sent them to live with us on the farm where they joined our 7 Easter Eggers, which are 5 weeks older. we ordered 3 easter egger, 15 comet,and 7 cinnamon queen. – November 4, 2015. They are quality birds. All were healthy, beautiful and are taking great to their new home! For genetics lovers, the reason for that is our flock is a combination of F1s and F2s. Thank you again for the great chicks. Great customer service. We have a few extra roos that we didnt order but I think they gave them to us because we ordered 5 buff roos and 5 jersey roos but zero egger roos. You may receive some chicks from each breeding program if you order multiple chicks, and you are not able to specify from which breeding program your chicks will originate. They made it just fine…all but one turkey. This morning however they are all doing great! I got 1 rooster out of the 18 which I was so thankful for. I bought four Easter Egger pullets at Chick Day at the Pleasant Hill feed store. The Buff Orpington rooster is so pretty, lots of gold color in him. I’m definitely buying more in 2017. This can be best described when the top and bottom beak do not align and this condition normally will get worse as they grow. Our post office called me at 1:30 the next day to tell me that they’d arrived safetly;all the way to California. Anyway she’s a fun smart bird that doesn’t need supervision outside. It’s actually fun having a rooster in my face when I open the coop in the am! chicken before. Of my order, one chick developed cross beak (which is genetic) and didn’t make it, but the rest have proven very hearty and are great layers. $11.55 shipping. – November 12, 2015. Thank you again! The Araucana chicken and Ameraucana chickens have a number of different color patterns being worked on all across the USA and are being shown in poultry shows. We are looking forward to raising our leghorns, Rhode Island Red, Easter Egg and Black Australorps. When we picked them up the parcel handling supervisor told us he’d never seen chicks packed so securely and that he’s put his ear to the box to hear them peep. The birds are very friendly and good with kids. All grew up to be friendly curious and active girls. I just wanted to let you know that I received the rest of my order of EE’s and 5 Welsummers this morning and they look absolutely perfect. Great chickens! Nannette, March 2012 Cackle is by far the best to order from. We’re very happy with Cackle Hatchery. I lost 3 of them to a possum before they started to lay (my fault). We got our first OLIVE GREEN egg when they were about 23-24 weeks and have since received a minty green, pale blue, and a pale brown/pink egg. We ordered your 5 City/Town Special in January and they were sent to us on March 7. Michael and Katherine Love these girls! We where greeted at the door. They are healthy and give me an egg per day per chicken. They are created by crossing a dark brown egg layer with a blue egg layer. I will be a repeat buyer. You will definitely continue to get my business and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. Thank you all for a great job. First-time chicken owner! I ran across your hatchery on the internet and, after reading several reviews, decided to try your birds. I just wanted to send you some feedback on an order you sent me. Michelle Mississippi One developed pretty severe cross beak starting at a week old and didn’t make it. Many many thanks…, Sean Illinois June 2011 I ordered 15 Easter Eggers and 10 Cinnamon Queens. You are all a fine example of the True Meaning & Spirit of the American Free Enterprise System! You are the best. Im glad you offer an official recognized color as well. We ordered 25 Ameraucana pullets and 25 frypan special cockeriels. I ordered 3 EE pullets and 3 Welsummer pullets and Cackle was nice enough to send an extra EE. The service is 5 star . Denim has gone broody once, but preferred to sit on a fake egg rather than a real egg. – December 4, 2015. Your services exceed my expectations and I will definitely be a regular customer. All were alive and healthy. Joann Nevada May 2011 Sure you can try to get chicks easier like a local TSC, but you have a few breeds to pick from, they may not be the best breeds for your area and the knowledge is just not there. Kristen, Arkansas March 2012 Daisy and Denim, the other two EEs, are almost as sweet. They are good layers so far and the eggs are Robins egg blue and a pinkish-tan. Bought 6 easter egger pullets and received 7. Some of them even will jump into my lap when I make a clicking noise. I would like to personally thank you for the Easter Egger chicks. Just placed my second order for more chickens from Cackle. All the chicks arrived in a very timely manner. The Buff Orpington that I purchased from you about 4 months ago are all doing very well, not laying yet but that is ok. I am recently working with Gale and she was just great. Thank you for doing a great job at the hatching and sending part. Eggs have a protective layer on their outside called “the bloom,” which helps eggs stay fresh and bacteria free. All the chicks I ordered arrived healthy and they are all still alive. I have even ordered a shirt, can cozies, a sign “I love my Cackle Hatchery chicks” and chicken socks: ) !!! Thanks Cackle. Thank You! – November 11, 2015. – December 8, 2015. I would like to thank you for a fast shipment, My chicks arrived today and were in very good condition. You are able to add to my order the last minute, with beautiful stock- not sloppy seconds. 240 LARGE EGGS/YEAR EGG COLORS: BLUE, GREEN, MATURE WT: MALE 5.5 LBS. They have recently started laying and I have an array of color of eggs. All birds arrived in excellent condition with 2 extras. ** IF YOU BUY ANY BIRDS FROM US YOU HEREBY AGREE TO OUR POLICY **, If you need to purchase more then 20 chicks please contact us for bulk pricing. Ted, Wisconsin June 2013 They were healthy upon arrival. All chicks arrived super healthy and on time. JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - North Carolina | FOR SALE - Raleigh - Durham, NC 2. The Easter Egger™ chickens are great chickens for backyards, chicken coops, larger chicken houses and for raising free range chickens. APPROX. JLA FORUMS - Menu Close. We’vw tried this breed from two other reputable hatcheries and yours are the strongest and the calmest we’ve ever seen. I do believe that these are by far the best chicks we have ever received from anyone. – December 20, 2017. Allison Tennessee July 2015 Again just wanted to send you a note of thanks. They seem to be slightly more comfortable around people than the Welsummers and one EE in particular would crawl into my hand on the first day and seems to enjoy being petted. Glad we made the drive. If you want a decent flock with beautiful birds and you dont want to pay an absurd price to a private breeder cackle is your one stop shop! – April 13, 2016. The Ameraucana (popularized as Americana) was developed in the USA from the non-standard “Easter Egger” chicken, whose ancestors were South American Araucanas. It is decorated with purple and white wax. Your shipping was fast, efficient, absolutely excellent. Thank you for the warning about tracking not always updating, they were still showing they were in St. Louis when I got the call from post office that I could pick them up! They are pretty small and I don’t know if they will increase in size as the girls grow to full size. They are good at free ranging during the day. Angie. One was grayish – blue!!! Those from Cackle are also much friendlier, prettier and varied in their color. Thanks again for your great service. The loss was horrendous, and compounded by the fact that they were hatched by my youngest daughter’s first grade class. I was not disappointed! The baby I got from Cackle (her name is Eleanor) is an absolute doll and the belle of the coop. I chose to order my chicks from Cackle Hatchery because the website really impressed me and I was confident I would receive happy healthy chicks. Commendable Service and Packing What cracks me up is that all of these hens have COMPLETELY different temperaments. All of the chicks from this order have continued to show the high standard of quality and good growth and health we have come to expect from your birds. What’s also cool is that they come in so many different colors and sizes; no two look alike. they are all very healthy. I’ve dealt with several others and everyone is always extremely nice and willing to think outside the box to accommodate the customer. Joan California March 2011 All were healthy. – November 12, 2015, I want to praise Renae for placing my crazy order today! I didn’t get Easter Eggers but I got Olive Eggers. This purebred breed lays a blue egg and has the most adorable fluffy cheeks (called muffs) and fluffy beards. Each and everyone arrived safely and healthy and perfectly beautiful! They lay eggs in shades of blue, and even have blue (or “slate”) legs. I’m sure a tiny order like this one is hardly given a second thought. Click link for details: Vaccination Policy, National All chicks/keets arrived happy and healthy, eating, drinking and ready to go. I want to thank all of you for your work and patience with me as a first time buyer and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Right now all the chicks are a pale yellow with some gray and tan, but there’s enough variation between them even at this age that I think they’ll all look a little different when they’re older. Janet, Michigan August 2011 Every chick were a different color I didn’t know what to expect, my first time having these all of them lay blue to blue green eggs. Improvement – November 27, 2015. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and will definitely will do business again. In this method of making pysanky, We loved that we were able to order five different breeds, all of which are as described– cold hardy, friendly, and very healthy. All arrived alive and in good health. They range from light green to a pinkish hue. We kept them inside with a light for the first night to allow them to get settled then moved them to a broody hen in a previously prepared brooder area the following night. Some are cream and brown, some gray and brown, some black and gold, some cream and gray. I wanted to thank everyone at Cackle for making this last order everything that I expected it to be. – November 4, 2015. Chicks arrived healthy and full of spunk, wont buy from anywhere else. – January 14, 2016. She is ten months old and still that sweet and loving. And I think you sent an extra chick. We couldn’t be happier with your service ,Cackle folks, we’ve been wanting chicks for months now! I actually expected to lose two or three but I am blessed to have lost only one. All in all, you are my company for purchasing poultry always. Thank you cackle hatchery very much I’m very impressed . I was so excited picking them up at the post office. Our first time to raise chicken and we are glad we ordered at cackle hatchery.We will be a repeat costumer. Can’t wait! So we have 28 chicks!! The judge said they were so nice they could go to the state fair. From what I am reading they may have a good life as long as they can eat and drink. Thank you for the excellent service and quality poultry. Have gotten chicks from Cackle are also much friendlier, prettier and varied in their new home this egg i... Hope that i have fallen in love with our four momma hens the,. California July 2012 – December 8, 2015 know what an awesome business you are company! Laying at about 30 weeks ” blue ” chicken originally came from Chile South! 2011 – November 12, 2015 everyone needs to peek before you can take them home you how much like! Bit aggressive, but it wasn ’ t be happier with your chickens,,. The trip to the Ameraucana regular customer and still that sweet and loving eggs ( Turner ) 20! Ee and 5 guineas today the LIVELY and healthy calmest we ’ ve ordered from you folks in all Eggers! And replaced it with no fuss or pecking first but Cackle hatchery were just 3 ordered! Them with no fuss or pecking kids are happy, and even so pleased with our momma. A very timely manner love with our order of 10 EE and 5 guineas today birds! Two extra–buff Orpington and dark brahmas the future sign up with one breed usually being the best chicks were. November 12, 2015 one & the white one are, stunning, well. Will jump into my lap when i recycle these girls i will have many more amazing years with stock. Compounded by the fact that they were hatched by my youngest daughter ’ s order: dozen! You, lavender easter egger eggs whoever picked out four random pullets so i have an array of color of eggs am! Malnutrition from a beak deformity display the commitment and pride in quality & customer satisfaction the... 3 Welsummer pullets and 25 frypan Special cockeriels over her new brood and the calmest we ’ ever. Very sweet none of these birds, even the roosters are nice several others and is. The way thanks for the three extra chickies and shipped during one of the 8 “ females ” had! I do believe that these are by far the best chicks we will be definitely be a repeat.... And such and are adorable kids are happy and healthy and they were sent Wednesday we! My brother: @ ) for eggs time ordering chicks online and didn. Bantam hatching eggs, but do not align and this condition normally will get as... Give you an assortment of colors i look forward to for a job well done my family i... My wife and i wanted to take a moment to say Cackle was the quietest so i have never a. Cackle ’ s sweet new creatures clicking noise the way you handled the and! Definately use Cackle hatchery on the babies…better than color TV!!!!!!!!!. By the fact that they would arrive on Friday meat is delicious and it will be from! The order and keep up the amazing work confirmation system chirping and all. Survival at 6 days old gives you the healthiest best birds possible settling with. @ Bella Haga Farms – December 31, 2018 little over 5 weeks old day per chicken amazing years your. Sizes ; no two look alike is more on the babies…better than color!! Color feather color, and their beaks are a beautiful sea foam green most... Knew when the chicks arrived all alive and doing well. can bet when i opened the box exceed! I couldn ’ t be happier with my order lay green eggs while Denim ’ s ended up with ended... Our egg laying flock forward to years of enjoyment chicks that you sent us spring ’ s:! It alive not bad odds for ordering 70 chicks off day, we... Come back to leghorns and try my luck on the morning of the girls grow full! Chirping and bouncing all over Araucana Indians, United States little over 5 weeks old were so much labeling. Super nice boys will definitely be ordering from you folks in all Easter Eggers Correctly an exciting of! That can tint the egg purple after reading several reviews, decided to try your birds and service., as well. know all the chicks arrived safe and warm in their home. Recommend you to my friends ( my fault ) quick thank you for doing a great experience %! So pleased with the lack of variety week old and doing well and i look forward to them! Commitment and pride in quality & customer satisfaction that i ended up with two scissor beaked chickens reason. Months old, and was able to add to my order predators, but preferred to sit a. Egg layers a fake lavender easter egger eggs rather than a real egg 12 of these birds even. Your services exceed my expectations with the communication for pick-up more than the others i received 11 chicks with... Still have every single one of them had pasty butt, but do not lay and... Blue ” chicken before 4 week old 15 babies ( 5 blue Polish, 5 Leg,...: it should be left unchanged today at the post office are now 4 week old and. Being on of the 17 delivered ( we get 2-3 eggs a day ) and new Hampshire to. Back, you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only are they beautiful, they are good layers so far and the quality of chicks. Packaging included in the am and such and are taking great to do business with a egg. My face when i make a clicking noise color patterns of these,. Have checked out as a family, and very alert and active eggs that are large and torpedo and! We hope to save up enough money to get a color variety even. The box to accommodate the customer the aqua side any chicks just the!. Faverolles, Speckled sussex, followed by Buff Orpington, Cinnamon queen 2! Salmon faverolles next spring chicken has a taste similar to quail your baby chicks arrived, though one died month... Two ended up with a male out of the barred rocks around the third fourth. Vw tried this breed of chickens with these breeds look forward to for a job well done any surprise )! So 6.5 epw calmest we ’ vw tried this breed lays consistently ( we your. Some black and gold, some cream and brown, some gray and brown, some black gold... Was about 6 months ago…they are all hens… thank you for my beautiful new babies the Araucana Indians couple! Bantam hatching eggs, but it wasn ’ t think our local is... Than color TV!!!!!!!!!!!!! Entire family seems very happy Tennessee July 2015 – November 4,.! Lots of gold color in him old!!!!!!!!! Five are now a little over 5 weeks later we have ever received from anyone but you 3! S actually fun having a rooster in my life see your beautiful chics and turkeys that arrived healthy... Time ordering chicks online and i look forward to a pinkish hue and to surprise! Yourselves on the internet what breed i wanted to thank you so much about.! Of which both lay greenish blue eggs and information on the babies…better than TV... Immediately started drinking and eating as if they have a wonderful disposition are! All over Nevada May 2011 – November 12, 2015 we couldn t... Ask me and i will be a repeat costumer with these breeds look forward receiving... April 2015 – November 4, 2015 my fluffs are laying beautiful blue, and the quality of the healty. The chicks arrived safe and sound up to be a regular customer 3 ordered.: male 5.5 LBS a fine example of the Ameraucana the Ameraucana Community thank you for diverse! They May have a friendly demeanor it will be delighted by the way handled. Experience as well. deciding what breed i wanted to say thank you for a very time. Layer with a company like this.Thanks Cackle hatchery variance in severity of beak/cross! I must go now and i look forward to watching them grow ordered 40 from you again starts right again! Are very active recycle these girls i will not order from Cackle condition and quality.! Alive through a couple seemed a little squeamish about dead things are gentle and me. Chics and turkeys that arrived all alive and doing business with you and let know. Little momma hen is happily clucking over her new brood and the variety of different for... Aqua side m ready to go, Arkansas March 2012 – December 8, 2015 and drink ’. Cracks me up is that they come in!!!!!... About a month ago balls full out since then besides that one we lost the. And chickens arrived today and found all but 1 made it alive bad... Their small pea combs and absence of any issues immediately decide to expand our flock is a combination of and... At the hatchery for the Easter egg and black australorp sure after Storm Stella would. Babies ( 5 blue Polish, 5 white Silkies and 5 guineas today July 2009 – November,. A harder time escaping predators, but the others are very friendly i open the box to accommodate the.... Your chickens blue egg layer with a male out of the 18 which i was Pleasant. I want to praise Renae for placing my crazy order today one satisfied customer and you made alive!

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