The intention of this site is to help you install software so that you use your CAC on your Windows Personal computer. Mac users are also helped This site was designed to primarily support Army users with Microsoft Windows. Change for army personnel who access Enterprise Email 1. Click the Software – Install button (second button on the left) in the button at the top of each page of the site. Once you click the Software – Install button, follow the buttons from left to right. The U.S. Department of Defense`s Military-backed Business Assistance Site can acquire Office 365 Home for $69.99 per year or Office 365 personnel for $48.99 per year through the Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement/Home Use Program. If you`ve recently updated Mac OS Catalina (10.15.x), you need to follow this entire page with EXCEPTION to disable the built-in capability. I have developed 5 different methods for you to install the software.

2. Use the Site Map link at the top of each page (left of the MilitaryCAC logo) If you want to use your CAC only to connect to your CAC-compatible websites, AKO or other websites (and not sign forms), you should consider using Trusted End Node Security (TENS) (formerly LPS Lightweight (Portable Security) and not install CAC software on your computer. Please use the contact page to contact official helpdesks, ask questions, offer comments, ideas and/or suggestions. Fortunately for you, [and because of the similarities in the software], I am able to support other government agencies and operating systems as well. Click on the corresponding links below: Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR), which uses Microsoft Teams, now has a self-help page. 5. Watch videos that show and explain how to install the software.